"Demand Finder work with us rather than for us. I cannot fault their approach and abilities."

Ian Johnson

Managing Director, City Surveys & Monitoring Ltd

Due Diligence

Banks, venture capitalists, private equity investors and insolvency practitioners all share a similar concern; how confident can we be with the sales pipeline projections that are put in front of us? By understanding the risks of sales pipeline delivery, investors are able to:

  • Negotiate a better deal when investing
  • Mitigate risks quickly once the investment is made

The Demand Finder Performance Framework covers over 300 aspects of sales and marketing, meaning investors receive a range of objective and subjective views. The result is a measurable benchmark of sales and marketing performance and a detailed risk profile, with clear recommendations for improvement.

Our hand-picked consultants advise clients during the pre-investment stage, with the option of allowing Demand Finder to manage post-investment sales and marketing process and systems improvements. Our consultants have direct experience of raising funds from private equity and government funds, and working with venture capital firms. This means you work with people focused on driving higher business valuations by introducing scalable processes and repeatable revenues.

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