Are you in my target market?

So, you decide you want to hit market 'X'. Sounds reasonable, although how do you know when you meet someone in the target market 'X'? It's not enough to say 'we're going to sell to hotels', for example. Are hotels around the corner less attractive to ones 3,000 miles away? What about hotels that are part of a bigger hotel chain? What about those with a poor credit score? The reality is there are many factors which help decide the target market and ideal customer profile (if you need help on defining your market, let us know). 

Once you've got a clear picture of your target market, the only way to understand if prospects are ideal is to measure certain attributes about them. Known as Lead Scoring, it is a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales-readiness. It is used to accept business, or more to the point it helps companies confidently turn business away that would otherwise distract them from their strategy of hitting a target market. 



Why do it?

  1. It's essential to strengthening your revenue cycle
  2. It effectively drives return on investment by keeping you on track
  3. It aligns Sales and Marketing teams

When you consider lead scoring keep in mind the implicit and explicit types, such as online body language and distance from office, respectively. Getting the right balance of what to measure and making sure that the data you need is gathered automatically is essential to creating a company that remains focused as a default.

If your organisation doesn't lead score, feel free to get in touch - we'd be happy to share our expertise and experience with you. 

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Salesforce Lightening Experience – just made doing business even easier…

The count down is on! You (if you're lucky enough), Demand Finder, our clients and the other 150,000 Salesforce users are only a few weeks away from using Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce is the leader in CRM, and justifiably too. However a user interface release had been due for a while, and regular users will agree, it has lacked a certain excitement. Well, that's all changing - As of October 2015 Salesforce Lightening changes the game, and brings the Salesforce1 mobile experience to the desktop. 

Family of Lightning Home Screen  
This launch is not just about new fonts and colors and icons. And it’s about much more than a refreshed user interface. Lightning Experience is a completely new Salesforce and a completely new way to sell. It’s a re-imagined platform designed to maximize sales rep productivity, complete with analytics and in-line intelligence that will drive sales precision.


Opportunity Workspace Sales Dashboard 

Here are a few of the significant features which directly improve company sales performance:

Activity Feed: Salespeople want to know two things, what just happened in an account and what they need to do next. The Activity Feed does just that.

Contextual Hovers: You can now see everything going on with a customer without going to different pages in the application.

Opportunity Board: This new feature gives you the complete picture across all of your deals. You can drag-and-drop deals from stage to stage like digital sticky notes.

Customizable Dashboards: Dashboards are available with more than three columns — in fact, you can have up to nine. This was one of the top most requested customer features on IdeaExchange.

If you want to know more about Salesforce or the Lightening Experience release, contact Demand Finder. We have a wealth of sales improvement experience and expertise ready to be shared with you.

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