November 1, 2015 Demand Finder

Weathering the Storm of Retail Data

Listen again to this pre-recorded webinar first aired in November 2015 on BrightTALK:


Whilst the analytical front end tools continue to become ever more capable, and data continues to be more widely sourced, preparing data still feels like the weak link in the chain; a lack of automation means tedious and time consuming down time for so many. In this webinar we explore how to take a structured, repeatable approach to data preparation and enrichment. Designed for the non-technical sales and marketing audience, the session will cover the principles of deploying strategy using big data, and the part Big Data plays within ambitious companies as they try to attract their target audience.

The speakers will discuss how Big Data can be used to automatically drive business activity towards the target market. Attendees will understand:

1. Popular use cases
2. Where you can find data
3. Types of data and the different preparation challenges you may face
4. How to clean and integrate your data
5. The power of using big data within operational processes
6. Enrichment, post analysis – how to bring the discovered insights back into your data
7. Intro of the Honest Cafe story on stage at London Big Data Week Conference, November 25th

This webinar is an intro on how to get started with data – an intro of the “Start Small, plan Big – the Honest Caffe story” presentation, which will be discussed in greater detail during the Big Data Week, November 2015

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