Marketing and Lead Generation Services for a monthly fixed fee

We operate your marketing & lead generation with rigorous discipline and good habits. Your growth becomes process driven using technology that scales...

All for a simple monthly fixed fee.

Our service is simple.

1) We invest time to understand your business, your goals and your plans; 

2) You agree our proposed 12 month, 3 month and 1 month recommended plan; then

3) We deliver monthly marketing and lead generation services that meet your goals.

Our approach is to build automated customer journeys so over time you develop processes that do the work for you. This drives intrinsic value in your business and puts you in a much stronger position for growth.  

Fixed monthly subscription


Ideal for the micro-business or freelancer, this package comes with our CRM, marketing strategy advice and the delivery of marketing and lead generation to 4 market segments per month.

(excl VAT)


Ideal for the small business, this package is double the Essentials, with that added time together creating more synergy. It includes the CRM, marketing strategy and marketing and lead generation to 8 segments per month.

(excl VAT)


Ideal for those going through a change, this package is bespoke to each client whilst based on the same high performing CRM, marketing strategy and lead generation services model. Contact us to find out more.

Demand Finder have been a great help identifying weaknesses and strengths in the business strategy and with implementing solutions that have given a measurable increase in turnover. They are professional, approachable and effective. If you want results look no further.
Richard Sparks
Managing Director, Advanced Geomatics Limited

Whatever package you choose, we will spend time to get to know your business.

We deliver the same standard of work as the work we provide through our Advisory Services to Private Equity funds.

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With a pandemic, a recession and Brexit, more than ever, invest in prospects, clients and past clients. 

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