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So, your Revenue Growth diary arrived and you’re considering growth to be a priority…  

Let’s look at the basics:

  • 147 Acute NHS Trusts

  • About 6 people within each buying committee

  • Most aren’t going to buy, right now at least

  • Most are likely to consider their current provider to be ‘trusted’


hhhmmm…. Tricky, but don’t stress. 

We can help. We implement a well-known framework for developing new revenues within high value deal size environments. You’ll be able to do most of the work internally, with a little guidance, and the results will speak for themselves. 

There are 4 key parts to engaging with large deal size accounts. 

  1. Target carefully, and we mean very carefully
  2. Engage in a measured way across the buying committee
  3. Bring sales in at the right time, not too early, not too late
  4. Measure relationships

This needs to be done to acquire new customers, speed up deal flows and expand within landed accounts. 

There are playbooks and ways to plan communications that will mean you can scale your efforts. 


We normally say that a 3 day engagement gets you up and running, leaving you to deliver the tactical actions, only calling on us as/when needed.

If growth is still a priority and you want to make a start, let’s set up a time to talk. 

“Since Demand Finder stopped the systems implementation work some 3.5yrs ago, I have focused on revenue growth and lead generation efficiency. Part of this included taking on the role of Marketing & Lead Generation Director at Ellis Whittam, a Lloyds Bank private equity investment. I helped take the company from a valuation of £20m to £60m, where it then exited via a trade purchase. My team delivered year on year double digit growth whilst improving conversion rates and reducing cost to acquire. How? We focused.” 

Simon Monk, Director


Build deeper, more engaged relationships

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