We help drive up lifetime value for online retailers

Whether you’re operating an online shop like Shopify, you sell on eBay, or anything in between, we have the tools for you to maximise customer lifetime value.

Go beyond single transactions and treat customers based on their buying habits, then manage them in a personal way. 

  • Build a complete record of the customer’s buying habits
  • Tag likeminded customers to help you tailor your content and offers 
  • Deliver automated marketing to enhance customer lifetime value 


Given it’s easier to sell to previous customers than find new ones, are you doing everything you can to look after each and every past customer? 


Automatically log all transactions regardless of where they bought from you online.


Automatically Tag customers based on their buying habits and preferences

Personal offers

Personalise your campaigns so you are offering customers what they want to buy

Lifetime value

By offering what they want, when they want, you will maximise your customer lifetime value.

How we work with e-commerce clients:

It’s a simple process: 

1. Put aside just 30 minutes to start our on boarding process.

2. Working together we agree how to tag clients in order to support your segmentation and targets.  

3. We then integrate your e-commerce site for you.

4. We build automated campaigns that target small groups of customers who share the same tags.

5. Over time these evergreen campaigns build up, so you’re increasingly able to tailor your marketing and grow your business.


Carla has a Grazing Table catering company and she sells platters for home delivery through her website. 

Each transaction is stored in her Demand Finder CRM, so over time she can see who is a repeat customer, who bought only once, who only buys vegetarian options, who buys for 2 people and who always buys for a group. 

Carla works with her Demand Finder Client Campaign Manager and they agree to tag as follows: Non-repeat, Repeat, Vegetarian, Couples, Dinner-Party. 

They are then able to offer incentives that are tailored, such as a ‘25% off’ to get a second order from all Non-repeats, ‘10% off Be the first’ incentive for all vegetarians when launching their new Vegan Cheese Board.

Guidance and advice, along with actually running the campaigns is all delivered by Carla’s dedicated Demand Finder Client Campaign manager and aligned to the segment targets that are agreed.  


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