High value, low volume deal specialist

Helping UK Manufacturing to Target revenue

Why join the conversation?

By invitation, this event is a Zoom-based discussion. No PowerPoints, rather Simon Monk with a whiteboard, an active client example and an appetite to challenge inbound marketing.  

The session will help you: 

  • Focus marketing on revenue, not lead volume
  • Short-list your ideal customers for this quarter


Invest 1 hour, prepare a decent coffee and log on with a note pad and pen close to hand.  

You will need a good understanding of your current marketing model and your sales process in order to truly benefit from this session.

Expect it to be a high-value session made up of straightforward language

The Warehouse Racking Co. are looking to land 30 clients over an 18 month period. 

Join us to find out how we’re helping them.

This session is for companies that

  • Are business to business

  • Focus on high value, low volume deal sizes

  • Have 5+ people involved in sales and marketing

  • UK based

  • Are in the Manufacturing/ Engineering/ Warehouse & Logistics sectors

Join The Conversation

And Build deeper, more engaged relationships

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