Build up a stable monthly income by being a DF Referral Partner

You can earn money by referring other people to Demand Finder. Click below to get started today!

Expert business consultant or beginner, we’ve got the tools to help you.

Did you know you can earn money explaining to small businesses how to use Demand Finder to boost sales?

Become a DF Referral Partner and enjoy: 

  • Recurring 10% referral payments for up to 2yrs
  • No cost to sign up
  • Payments sent monthly

Being a DF Referral Partner can be a powerful income stream for you. Set up your free Referral Partner membership and start referring businesses and earning customer referral payments!


Receive a steady stream of useful articles to reference when talking to UK SMEs.

Case studies

Access detailed case studies so you can evidence the real business value generated by our clients.

Referral Partner Newsletter

Be kept informed of news and general updates about the DF Referral Partner programme and product set.

Help local businesses

Our service genuinely helps SMEs protect revenues and grow. Get out there and help your local business community.

How the Customer Referral Program works:

It’s a simple process: 

1. You register to become a DF Referral Partner

2. We send you a unique ID

3. You refer business contacts to us who you have spoken to and who have agree to hold a 30min call with us. 

4. We confirm your contacts details, for GDPR purposes, and then hold the 30min demo discussion

5. You receive 10% of revenues collected from the client for a period of up to 2yrs.


You refer Joe to us. He agrees to be kept in formed and goes on to hold a 30min demo discussion with us.  He signs up at £500 per month. Each month Joe uses Demand Finder, you’ll earn £50, up to 24 payments.

After a year, you’ve made £600. After 2 years, £1,200.

And that’s just one account!

If you signed up 10 accounts in year one you would be receiving monthly payments of £500 throughout year 2!

Become a DF Referral Partner Today!

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