FREE bespoke Customer Relationship Management system

With every 12 month contract @ £160/month

Simon Monk & Associates

Remote Sales & Marketing Non-exec Director services

Remote Sales & Marketing Non-exec Director for £160/mth

Extend your Team

Remote Expertise

Excellent Credentials

We’re passionate analytical thinkers, able to challenge and support your growth, even through the toughest of times. We add huge value by engaging for a few hours a month.

We are highly efficient and goals focused, working exclusively via Microsoft TEAMS. We operate using a highly accountable system so you always feel in control.

We are a highly credible team with real world business experience, from private equity investments to to family run businesses.



We can manage your sales pipeline, run your sales teams, implement digital sales processes and drive growth. We have the skills to improve your margin and conversion rates.


We can run your marketing campaigns and improve your brand’s ability to generate leads across multiple channels. We are results focused, campaign led and highly measurable. 

Improving Systems

We can implement technology that improves your business efficiency and focus. Examples include CRMs, marketing automation, back-office processes. 

Remote working

We work remotely. It’s safer, more efficient, accountable and far more productive. 

If you’re new to remote working, don’t panic. It works.

A Remote Team of Experts

Using the latest technology, we can create a real sense of ‘team’, backed up by well defined work packages, tracking tools and reporting. We ensure you feel in control at all times. 

A practical solution to business continuity and growth

Pay as you go

Exceptional talent, on tap.

Starting at £160/mth

Contact us

Phone: 07934 297778
Adress: Mount Pleasant, Myddle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 3RY

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